Dutch Drone Company selected for Holland High Tech HiTMaT-call

november 3, 2020

Together with our partners Technische Universiteit EindhovenMaterials innovation institute M2i and TNO we are excited to announce that we are selected for the Holland High Tech HiTMaT-call!

To increase the lifespan and durability of steel infrastructures the project partners will develop new methods for monitoring, health analysis and a maintenance strategy. The central approach is to develop innovative Digital Twins (DT): accurate virtual models of the objects for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and maintenance of both the steel structures and their components. Pairing of the virtual and physical objects allows in-depth data analysis and monitoring to prevent future problems before they even occur. One of the key novelties is to achieve a full-continuous updating of the Digital Twin predictions by processing large streams of live-feed monitoring data.

To learn more about this project visit: https://www.hollandhightech.nl/innovative-health-monitoring-methods-boost-durability-steel-infrastructure