Dutch Drone Company raises new capital and expands executive management team

september 10, 2020

Rotterdam, 10 September 2020. Dutch Drone Company (DDC) experiences an increasing demand for its services. Upcoming European regulations opens up new markets and the potential to strengthen our international position in the unmanned industrial inspection sector. To realise our ambitions, the company has raised new capital and expanded the executive management team with Tsjerk Kooistra in the roll of CEO. This ensures that DDC is ready for a new growth phase and allows the company to increase and optimise their services to their current and future clients.

Deployment of industrial drone inspections has proven itself

Since the establishment of DDC in 2014, the company has successfully completed many projects using innovative solutions for renowned international companies. Nowadays the question is not if an ‘unmanned aerial vehicle’ should be deployed, but how to process and use the generated data. The biggest challenge is to integrate and optimise existing industrial asset management systems and maintenance programs.

Organisations are looking for experienced business partners

CEO Tsjerk Kooistra: ‘Many organisations recognise the value of drone inspections and create their own teams to execute simple drone assignments. DDC is often called in to handle more complex projects where experience, credentialed personnel, compliance, licensing and legal permits are required. Strict legislative and compliance rules, technological advancement and planning of inspections and surveying by drones is often difficult to combine with the core activities of an organisation. We therefore see an increase of orders for structural deployments and multiyear contracts from companies that outsource to DDC.’

More than a ‘one-size fits all‘ solution

Besides accurate inspections, processing and optimizing of valuable data can often be a challenge. Solutions should be more than just offering detailed photographs, 3D models or inspection reports. Depending on specific requests and needs, multiple software tools will be used to offer the right solutions.

About Dutch Drone Company (DDC).

DDC is specialised in digital inspections, surveying and analysis of industrial assets with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or robots and processes this data into, for example 3D models and point clouds. With the generated digital twins and artificial intelligence, organisations are able to plan and manage their industrial assets immediately, accurately, safely and efficiently.