DDC receives VCA-Petrochemical certification

mei 4, 2021

Rotterdam, 04 May 2021

Today, Dutch Drone Company (DDC) successfully completed the first audit by Normec NCK and received the VCA-Petrochemical certification

Lodewijk de Wolf, Safety & Quality Manager at DDC says: ‘Servicing various clients in the petrochemical industry means that we need very high standards regarding safety, health and environmental risks. With this certification, DDC has been rewarded for their continuous effort to contribute to safe industrial working environments.’ 

DDC provides smart inspection solutions that allow petrochemical companies to get precise, digital insights of the current status of their installations, minimize (un)planned maintenance downtime and lower operational risks at the plant. Feye de Zwart, Chief Operation Officer at DDC says: ‘Facilitating remote viewing for example saves unnecessary travel time for inspection specialists and provides direct feedback during the inspection. Creating a digital twin of a plant allows engineers to prepare planned maintenance better and complete more jobs within a certain timeframe’.  

About DDC

DDC is specialised in digital inspections, surveying and analysis of industrial assets using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and/or robots. Generated inspection data can be processed into, for example 3D models and point clouds. By using digital twins and artificial intelligence, organisations are able to plan and manage their industrial assets instantly, accurately, safely and efficiently.