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3D Animation Leidschendam

Together with Viadrupsteen we made a visualisation of a street for the municipality of Leidschendam. This animation shows the current state with the new state modelled on top. We also shot several panoramic images that can be viewed …

De put

For RPS we made a 3D model of a water purification plant called ‘De Put’. The model is constructed with 290 images taken around the building. Several ground control points around the building are measured …

Showreel 2016

This showreels shows some of the projects we have been working on the last year. Among them are accurate 3D models, thermal inspections, live-streaming, search and rescue, traffic analysis and bridge inspections.


A short clip of some shots we made recently in the Keukenhof near Lisse. Editing by Milo Dinkelaar.

Ecological research

Since 2015 Regelink and Dutch Drone Company work together in the field of ecological research using drones. In our latest project we made orthophoto’s of several wetlands in the north of the Netherlands. This area is …


For Waterschap Veluwe we create a map of the ‘Modderbeek’ a small brook situated next to Amersfoort. The orthomosaic that was created with 598 individual images shows the entire structure of the brook with a …

Search and Rescue

We performed several search and rescue operations together with SAR Katwijk and KNMR. With infrared cameras we were able to spot a person in need of rescue within 4 minutes of departure. The HDMI video feed …

Telecom and TV mast inspections

Dutch Drone Company has completed several telecom and tv mast inspections. These inspections require extra precaution since there are many frequencies that could interfere with the signal of the UAV. On 14 October 2015 we successfully …

Opening The Edge

Edge Deloitte The new prestigious office of Deloitte/AKD is designed by PLP Architecture. The building is called ‘The Edge’. It has an enormous atrium in a unique shape. It is designed by OVG project development …